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The Year in Closed Government

This eight-month investigation into the use of private email by New Mexico government officials uncovered an extensive network of political and financial influences over state government, out of the public eye. We specifically focused on public officials’ use of private emails to conduct public business, in an apparent attempt to hide that business from the public record. Our reporting resulted in the resignation of a high-profile lobbyist, Republican National Committeeman and board member of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, as well as a formal complaint upheld by the New Mexico Attorney General.

cover story (12.18.12)

additional reporting (2012-2013)

coverage by Columbia Journalism Review (Feb. 2013)

2012 elections reporting

SFR’s coverage of the 2012 elections exposed the unprecedented influx of money into state and local races, as well as the influence of local and national super-PACs and out-of-state donors. Our reporting contributed to the New Mexico Secretary of State’s decision to fine one of the state’s key super PACs.

news articles: 6.20.1210.02.12, 11.07.12, 11.14.12, 12.01.12, 1.08.13

Santa Fe Public Schools

More than a year’s worth (2010-2012) of investigative reporting on Santa Fe Public Schools’ improper use of student testing data, among other problems, resulted in the school board’s decision to terminate the superintendent’s contract.

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